Using Texture in Business Card Design

A great  business card is your first opportunity to make a strong, positive impression on a potential client. It clearly displays your contact information, but also accurately reflects your brand image. At Squeakerbox we like to switch our business cards up, a lot. This round we are playing with texture. A textured business card literally leaves a lasting […]

‘Lost’ Amazonian Tribe Adopts Social Media

LIMA, PERU: Though not a single member of the tribe owns a computer, the Ooshkoosh are embracing Social Media. It has been 3 weeks since anthropologists in Peru announced the discovery of a previously un-contacted indigenous people native to the Amazon rain forest. Dubbed the ‘Lost’ Amazonian tribe, the Ooshkoosh are a tightly knit community […], LLC Launches Squeakerbox.Marketing

Jacksonville, FL: Today,, LLC announces the launch of Squeakerbox.Marketing, a Jacksonville based marketing consultancy providing small business with affordable creative advertising, branding and inbound marketing services. Squeakerbox.Marketing will build on the success of in print media, web and graphic design, and expand the scope of their offerings to include corporate communications and inbound […]

The Power of an Infographic [INFOGRAPHIC]

An Infographic can be a powerful tool in content marketing. A well designed infographic centered around a strong idea has a lot of potential to go viral. Some of the benefits of sharing an infographic include; increased web traffic, natural inbound link building, social media mentions, and brand awareness. Check out the infographic below for […]

50% of Your Marketing Dollars are Wasted

“Half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” – John Wannamaker This is one of my favorite quotes because it concisely captures the essence of a conundrum that all businesses face; you can’t sell what you don’t market, but if it costs too much to market, it’s not worth the sale. For […]