Using Texture in Business Card Design

Squeakerbox Marketing Vinyl Textured Business CardsA great  business card is your first opportunity to make a strong, positive impression on a potential client. It clearly displays your contact information, but also accurately reflects your brand image.

At Squeakerbox we like to switch our business cards up, a lot. This round we are playing with texture.

A textured business card literally leaves a lasting impression. Not only do prospects remember seeing the card, they remember feeling it. In a stack of business cards, the one that feels different sticks out.

There are many techniques for adding texture to your cards. Here are a few examples we found, along with details on our latest design. Enjoy!

Raised Ink Printing

Raised ink is similar to a Spot UV technique, however raised ink (unlike Spot UV) is actually raised. Raised ink itself is clear and sits on top of the designated printed area. The effect is like a bubble raised over the selected portion. Using raised ink allows you to print in full 4-color process and embellish just a section of the design.

Raised Ink  Business Card Printing Examples:

black raised ink printing

color raised ink printing


Letterpress Printing

Letterpress is a type of relief printing. This intricate process involves creating a custom metal cast of your design to imprint the ink itself into the card stock. Cards are normally printed on a heavier cotton stock paper, and colors are printed in pantone colors, rather than a 4-color print.

Letterpress Business Card Printing Examples:

letterpress business cards-design-1

See this and more examples here:

Alternative “Paper”

You can get really creative when you are willing to print on something other than paper. Felt, plastic or cardboard will definitely give your business cards a “special” feel.

Alternative “Paper” Business Card Examples

felt business cards

Transparent Translucent-Plastic Business Cards

Vinyl or stickers on Business Cards

Vinyl can be added to a card following printing to give it a raised texture as well. Unlike the raised ink printing the edge is sharp on vinyl. It is cut separately and applied to each card. Squeakerbox.Marketing chose to go vinyl this round of cards, and the result is awesome. The vinyl process can be time consuming, but for us, the cards are a labor of love, so the little extra production time is no big deal.

Example of vinyl on a business card:

squeakerbox vinyl businesscards production

squeakerbox vinyl businesscards closeup

squeakerbox vinyl businesscards

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